Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying involves feeding an additive in the form of a powder, wire or liquid into a high velocity hot flame or plasma, which causes the additive to melt and accelerate towards the coated item, forming a layer of coating when the molten droplets rapidly solidify.

Millidyne develops and manufactures Neoxid ceramic and ceramic-composite powders for both plasma and HVOF spraying. The powders are manufactured by spray-drying and sintering, which offers unlimited possibilities to alter the chemical composition and provides for good powder flowability. Millidyne’s Neoxid powders can be used to achieve better deposition efficiency and wear resistance in comparison with conventional powders.

In addition to powders, Millidyne manufactures Neoxid LQ suspensions and precursors for various thermal spraying methods. These products can be used to manufacture thin, dense ceramic coatings.

In order to maximise the corrosion resistance of thermally sprayed coatings, Millidyne has developed impregnable Neoxid MDS sealers for various corrosion environments and temperature ranges.

Millidyne’s thermal spraying additives have been used in demanding environments in the process industry for more than two decades.

The raw materials and products used by Millidyne conform to REACH and RoHS norms. Some of Millidyne’s products utilise nanotechnology. For these – and for all of the other products – the safety of coating manufacturers and end users is always taken into consideration.