A major use case for Avalon® coatings is industrial applications where the aim is to improve the cleanliness and hygiene of surfaces and equipment. In addition, coatings improve products’ resistance to chemicals and wear, and they can provide surfaces with new functional properties.

Avalon® coatings for different materials

Glass and ceramic Stone Galvanized steel Stainless Steel Aluminium alloys Copper alloys Plastic and paint Technical textiles
Glass (pdf) X
Stone (pdf) X X
FM (pdf) X X X
Floor (pdf) X X X
Safire (pdf) X X X X X
Ultime (pdf) X X X X
Corroguard (pdf) X X X X
Shine (pdf) X X
Plus (pdf) X
SR40 (pdf) X
STex (pdf) X
WTex (pdf) X


Customized Products »

Avalon® coatings can be given other special characteristics, such as improved scratch resistance, lower ice adhesion and altered electrical and optical properties. They can be modified to meet customer specifications. See also some of our success stories.