The Avalon® technology

The Avalon® coating technology makes use of the latest research knowhow and Millidyne’s 20 years long R&D experience. The basic technology combines organic and inorganic chemistry at the molecular level. Avalon® coatings are evolving by continuous product development at Millidyne’s modern research laboratory and in collaboration with customers, as well as research partners in Finland and other European countries.

Avalon® wet chemical coatings can be used to significantly alter the way in which material surfaces interact with their environments. Durable  Avalon® coatings improve hygiene and cleanliness of surfaces and products. Furthermore, we have developed and commercialised numerous coating products for our customers, who have used them to modify for example scratch resistance, electrical conductivity, ice adhesion and optical properties. Avalon® coatings provide substantial added value and cost savings by means such as lower maintenance costs and longer product life cycles.

The raw materials and products used by Millidyne conform to REACH and RoHS norms. Some of Millidyne’s products utilise nanotechnology. For these – and for all of the other products – the safety of coating manufacturers and end users is always taken into consideration.